Data Privacy Statement

This website is operated by Rupp Austria GmbH, registered at Krüzastrasse 8, A-6912 Hörbranz, Austria, and hereinafter referred to as either “we“ or “us“. This data privacy statement describes how we, as a party responsible for data privacy, process your personal data in connection with this website.

1. Which data about you we process

In the course of your visit to this website, we will collect the following information:

The date and time when a page of our website is accessed, your IP address, name and version of your web browser, the website (URL) which you visited prior to accessing this website and the information which you yourself provide by filing out the contact form, by filling out the form to register for our newsletter, by filling out the application form or by filling out a form to participate in competitions.

There is no obligation to actually provide the data which we request from you on our website. However, if you do not do that, it will not be possible for you to utilise all the functionalities presented by the website.

2. Cookies

So-called cookies are utilised on our website. A cookie is a small file which is saved on your computer when you visit a website. In principle, cookies are utilised in order to offer users additional functionalities on a website. For instance, they can be utilised in order to facilitate your navigation of a website, to allow you to continue to utilise a website where you left it and/or to save your preferences and settings when you visit the website again. Cookies cannot access, read or change any other data on your computer.

When you visit our website, a message regarding cookies will appear which will refer you to the utilisation of cookies on our website as presented in this data privacy statement and allow you to set preferences regarding certain cookies and to accept the utilisation of certain cookies. Upon providing your consent, you consent to the utilisation of the respective cookies and the associated processing of the data. You can revoke this consent at any time by changing either the cookie settings on our website or in your browser settings. The legality of the handing of data from the time it was consented to until its revocation is not affected by the revocation.

In the following sections titled “Technically Required Cookies“, “Cookies for Analysing Browsing Behaviour“ and “Cookies for Advertising Purposes“, we present which kinds of cookies we utilise and which data can be processed by these respective cookies.

As long as no special deletion periods regarding cookies are mentioned in the following sections, the following is generally valid regarding the storage period: By means of the respective browser setting, you can control whether and which cookies are installed. Most browsers have a default setting so that they allow cookies to be installed without any restrictions. You can change or limit that or block the installation of cookies. You can delete cookies that have already been installed at any time in your browser settings, and by setting the corresponding preferences in your browser, this deletion can also take place automatically. If you would like more information on how these steps can be taken, please utilise the help feature provided by your browser.

Please be aware that blocking or deleting cookies could impair your online experience and prevent you from being able to utilise this website in its entirety.

2.1 Technically Required Cookies

Some of the functionalities of this website require cookies. Cookies are technically required for these functionalities, including the country and/or language settings, matching a session with a user (session cookies) and remembering search items on our website. This also concerns the cookies which save your cookie-related settings as well as the cookies of our WordPress content management system. The purpose of the cookies is to offer and execute functionalities. The legal basis for installing technically required cookies and the associated processing is our legitimate interest which consists in fulfilling these objectives.

2.2 Cookies for Analysing Browsing Behaviour

On our website, we utilise cookies which allow us to analyse your browsing and utilisation behaviour on our website, in particular cookies from Google Analytics (see Point 8 for further information). By means of these cookies, we analyse which search items you enter on our website, how often and how long you utilise which functionalities and how often and how long you visit which subpages of our website. The data collected in this manner is pseudonymised by means of technical measures. The data can therefore no longer be matched to you. The data is not saved together with your other data, either. The data collected allows us to optimise our website and its functionalities on an ongoing basis and to adapt them to your needs. The legal basis for installing the cookies utilised for this purpose and the associated processing is your consent, which can be revoked with effect for the future at any time.

2.3 Cookies for Advertising Purposes

For advertising and conversion tracking purposes, our website utilises the Meta-Pixel of Meta Platform Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and/or Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as “Facebook”). More information is provided in Point 10 of this data privacy statement.

3. Purposes of Data Processing

We will process your personal data for the following purposes:

a) in order to make this website available to you and in order to continue to improve and develop this website;

b) in order to be able to identify, prevent and investigate attacks on our website;

c) in order to respond to your enquiries;

d) in order to analyse your utilisation of our website, to conduct conversion tracking and to carry out remarking, as well as to be able to generate utilisation-related statistics;

e) in order to process your applications;

f) in order to send you our newsletter and to conduct surveys regarding the satisfaction with our products and services.

4. Legal Basis of Data Processing

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data

  • in line with Point 3 a) to c) above is our main legitimate interest, which consists in achieving the objectives listed in Point 3 a) to c);
  • in line with Point 3 d) above is your consent;
  • in line with Point 3 e) above is the necessity of taking precontractual measures regarding your enquiry (application);
  • for the delivery of our newsletter and our customer surveys in line with Art. 174 (4) Telecommunications Act (Telekommunikationsgesetz) (in Austria) or Art. 7 (3) Act Against Unfair Competition (Gesetz gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb) (in Germany) or comparable regulations of other countries, as long as we received your e-mail address in connection with the sale of goods to you, or otherwise by means of your consent.
  1. You can revoke consent that you have granted at any time without affecting the legal basis of the processing that took place prior to the revocation.

5. Transfer of Your Personal Data

For the aforementioned purposes, we will transfer your respectively relevant personal data to the following recipients:

  • IT service providers that we utilise, namely Baschnegger Amman Partner Werbeagentur GmbH, A-6850 Dornbirn, Austria;
  • Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, and Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, according to Point 8 (Google Analytics) and Point 13 (Google Tag Manager) and Point 15 (YouTube);
  • Meta Platforms Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, and Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, according to Point 11 (Meta’s user-behaviour-related Pixel) and Point 12 (Facebook Fan Page);
  • Your data from applications to Kenjo GmbH, Urbanstrasse 71, D-10967 Berlin, Germany;
  • For the newsletter, to the subcontracted job processor Sendinblue GmbH, Köpenicker Strasse 126, D-10179 Berlin, Germany;
  • YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA, according to Point 15.

Some of the aforementioned recipients are located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or process your personal data there. The data protection standard outside of the EEA may not correspond to the standard in your country. We only transfer your personal data to countries where the EU Commission has determined that they offer an appropriate data protection standard or to companies in the USA that are certified in line with the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, like Google Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. These companies are obligated to comply with the requirements of European data protection legislation.

6. Storage Period

We will store the data processed in line with Point 3 a) and b) for a period of two months. A longer storage period only occurs if it is necessary to investigate identified attacks on our website.

We store data processed in connection with your enquires for 18 months as of the last date of contact.

We store data that we process based on your consent until receiving your revocation.

If you send us a job application, we store your data from the application process for seven months following the conclusion of the application process.

If you consent to a longer storage period, we store the data until the longer storage period expires.

7. Your Rights in Connection with Personal Data

In accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, you have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, objection and transferability of the data. Please contact us regarding this topic by using the contact details provided in Point 10.

In particular, you have the right to object to data processing which we refer to as a legitimate interest.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a regulatory authority in the EU or with the Austrian Data Protection Agency in Vienna if you are of the opinion that a breach of European or Austrian data protection legislation has occurred.

8. Google Analytics

This website utilises Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter referred to as “Google“), which is provided in Europe by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. Google Analytics utilises cookies, scripts and Pixel, which make an analysis of your utilisation of the website possible.

For example, the time that you stay on the website, language and location, the browser utilised to access the website, the operating system and the monitor size are recorded, as are events, for example clicks, scrolls, downloads and page views.

By means of identifiers (user ID, Google ID, device IDs) which Google saves by means of cookies on your terminal, Google Analytics 4 is able due to algorithms and machine learning to recognise the user behaviour on multiple devices from the recorded data and events and to summarise the sessions automatically in this manner to a comprehensive user experience on multiple devices.

According to Google, the information generated by the cookies about your utilisation of this website are transferred to Google’s servers in Ireland and stored there. We do not store your data that is collected in connection with Google Analytics 4.

With Google Analytics 4, IP anonymisation is the default setting.

On our behalf, Google utilises this information in order to evaluate your utilisation of the website in order to compile reports on the website activities and to provide us with further services associated with the utilisation of the website and the Internet.

The tracking technologies described above are utilised on the basis of your consent which is granted in the cookie settings and which you can revoke at any time with effect for the future by means of deactivating tracking.

You can prevent cookies being saved by means of the respective setting in your browser software. We would like to point out, though, that you may not be able to utilise all the functionalities of this website to the fullest extent. Moreover, you can prevent Google from collecting your data in connection with Google Analytics by downloading and installing the browser plug-in which can be found at the following link:

9. Use of Social Media Share Links

On our webpage, links to our online presences on the social media networks Facebook and Instagram are embedded. The links are labelled with the generally known icons of these networks. When you click on these icons, the link behind the respective icon leads you to our respective online presence, and it is possible that your IP address will be transferred to the social media service and that the social media service will receive the information that our website was visited by this IP address. If you then log on to your user account with the respective social media service, the service will be able to match your visit to our website with your user account there.

Regarding our recipes, we have a share link for Facebook, Twitter (X) and Pinterest. You can therefore share the contents of our website associated with the share link in your profile with the respective social media service as long as you log on to your user account there. By doing so, the social media service can match the shared contents with your user account.

We would like to point out the fact that we, as the operator of our website, receive no information regarding the contents of the transferred data and their utilisation by the social media service. If you would not like for the social media service to be able to match the visit to our website with your user account, please do not share any contents log out of your user account before visiting out website.

Further information regarding data protection of the social media services linked to our website is provided at the following links:




10. Our Contact Details

If you have any questions about or issues with the processing of your personal data, please contact us:

Rupp Austria GmbH, Krüzastraße 8, A-6912 Hörbranz, Austria.

Telephone +43 (0)5573 8080; Fax +43 (0)5573 8080-150; e-mail

11. Meta Pixel (Re-Marketing)

For conversion tracking purposes, our website utilises the Meta-Pixel of Meta Platforms Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and, for the European Union, Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as “Facebook”). The behaviour of visitors to the website can therefore be tracked after they were forwarded to the website of the provider by means of clicking on a Facebook advertisement. Advertisements of the provider can be presented to visitors to the website that log on to Facebook.

By doing so, the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements can be evaluated for statistical and market research purposes and future advertising measures can be optimised. The data collected is anonymous for us, as the operator of the website, and we cannot draw any conclusions regarding the users’ identities.

The data is saved and processed by Facebook, though, so a connection to the respective user profile is possible and Facebook can utilise the data for its own advertising purposes in line with Facebook’s data utilisation guideline. By doing so, Facebook can make it possible to place advertisements on Facebook pages and outside of Facebook. This utilisation of the data cannot be influenced by us, as the operator of the website. In Facebook’s data protection information, you will find further information regarding the protection of your privacy: In addition, you can deactivate the “Custom Audiences“ re-marketing function in the settings for advertisements at To do so, you must be logged on to Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can deactivate utilisation-based advertising by Facebook on the website of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

The utilisation of the user-behaviour-related Pixel and the associated tracking occur based on your consent, which you grant in our cookie consent and you can revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future. You can also revoke this consent by means of deactivating it in your Facebook account.

12. Facebook Fan Page

Our company operates a fan page on Facebook. If you visit this fan page, Facebook will instal cookies on your device, irrespective of whether you yourself are a Facebook user. You can find out about what cookies are in Point 2 of this data privacy statement above.

Facebook utilises these cookies in order to evaluate your behaviour on our fan page according to certain criteria and to provide the evaluation to us in an anonymised manner. Facebook calls this service “Facebook Insights“. You can find further information about the processing of Insights data at

The Insights data is anonymous for us, but not for Facebook if you are a Facebook user. In that case, Facebook can match this data to your user account. You can find further information in Facebook’s data protection policy.

Facebook Ireland and we are jointly responsible regarding the data processing for Facebook Insights according to Art. 26 GDPR. The primary responsibility for the processing of Insights data is borne by Facebook Ireland. We do not take any decisions regarding the processing of Insights data, especially with regard to the further recipients of this data or to the storage period of the cookies installed on devices for this purpose.

You can assert your rights as an affected party vis-à-vis Facebook Ireland or us.

We concluded an agreement with Facebook Ireland regarding the joint responsibility, the fundamental contents of which are provided here by Facebook Ireland:
The legal basis for the processing of Insights data is your consent, which you can grant in the cookie information that appears when opening our website. Just like any other consent, you can revoke it at any time with effect for the future.


13. Google Tag Manager

On this website, we utilise the Google Tag Manager. When accessing our website, the Tag Manager establishes a connection to Google’s servers. During this process, the IP address may be transmitted to Google. Therefore, we obtain your consent through the cookie consent before using the Google Tag Manager.

The Google Tag Manager is a solution provided by Google, which enables website operators to manage website tags through an interface. The Tag Manager (which implements the tags) sets cookies – provided you consent – but according to Google, it does not collect personally identifiable information. It facilitates the triggering of other tags, which may themselves collect data under certain circumstances. If this is the case on this website (e.g., Google Analytics, Meta-Pixel), explanations can be found in this privacy policy. The Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If deactivation has been performed at the domain or cookie level, it applies to all tracking tags implemented with Google Tag Manager. The Google Tag Manager does not alter your cookie settings. For further information, please visit


14. Newsletter

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter offered on the website, we require the data listed in the registration form from you.

The data provided by you will be used exclusively for sending our newsletter with information about our products and services, offers or, in general, updates about our company, as well as for surveys regarding satisfaction with our products and services.

Upon registration for the newsletter, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us so that we can verify whether you are indeed the owner of the provided e-mail address and agree to receive the newsletter. Only after confirming this e-mail will you be subscribed to the newsletter (double opt-in).

When registering for the newsletter, we store the IP address entered by the Internet service provider (ISP) as well as the date and time of registration in order to be able to trace any potential misuse of your e-mail address at a later date.

Your interaction as a recipient of the newsletter with the newsletter e-mail and your click and open behaviour in the newsletter are tracked. It is recorded who opens our newsletters how often and clicks on which content. We use this data to improve our newsletter on a continuous basis.

The processing of data for the purpose of sending our newsletter and evaluating usage and click behaviour is based on your consent. You can also revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future, for example via the «Unsubscribe» link in the newsletter. You can also send us your revocation by e-mail to The lawfulness of data processing already carried out based on the consent remains unaffected by the revocation.

The data processed by us in connection with the newsletter will be stored by us until you unsubscribe from the newsletter and will be deleted after unsubscribing from the newsletter.

For the processing and evaluation of our newsletter, we use Newsletter2Go, a software provided by Sendinblue GmbH, Köpenicker Strasse 126, D-10179 Berlin, Germany.


15. YouTube

On this website, we have integrated components from YouTube. YouTube is an Internet video portal that allows for the free uploading, viewing, rating, and commenting of video clips.

The operating company of YouTube is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. YouTube LLC is a subsidiary of Google LLC in the USA. The service provider for YouTube in the EU is Google Ireland Limited in Dublin, Ireland.

We use the «enhanced privacy mode» option provided by YouTube. According to YouTube’s information, even in «enhanced privacy mode,» YouTube still makes contact with the DoubleClick service from Google, but no personally identifiable data is evaluated according to Google’s privacy policy.

When you access a YouTube component (YouTube video) on our site, a connection is established with the YouTube or Google servers, and data is transmitted to YouTube and or Google in the USA. YouTube/Google receives your IP address to send the embedded video to your browser and play it. To do this and to create statistics about the played videos, YouTube sets the cookies listed in the cookie settings on your device. YouTube/Google therefore becomes aware of which sub-pages of our website you visit and which videos you play. If you are simultaneously logged into YouTube/Google, this information is associated with your member account on YouTube/Google. You can prevent this by logging out of your member account before visiting our website. We have no knowledge of and no influence on the further use of your data after it has been associated with your member account by YouTube/Google.

In addition to the IP address, YouTube/Google receives the following data when you play videos:

  • Date and time of access/download;
  • The page accessed with the embedded YouTube video;
  • When applicable, the name of the downloaded file;
  • Browser type utilised;
  • Operating system of your device;
  • The website from which you visit us.

Further information on YouTube’s privacy policy is provided by Google at the following link:

The cookies set to play a video clicked by you are technically necessary, and the legal basis for the associated data processing is our legitimate interest in a creative and contemporary online presence of our company, as well as an attractive and modern presentation of its products and services.

For the cookies otherwise set and the associated data processing when playing the YouTube video, the legal basis is your consent, which you can revoke at any time with effect for the future by clicking on the YouTube video.


16. Whistleblowing

On our website, we have embedded a link to our whistleblower protection platform at The platform is operated by TWP Rechtsanwälte GmbH in Dornbirn as the data controller. For the processing of personal data in connection with a report submitted via the platform («report data»), the privacy policy available there applies.

Only the report data necessary for processing or pursuing a report is processed. The processing of report data is carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetzes, HSchG).

Report data may contain personal data, but that of the reporting person only if the report is not anonymous.

Our compliance officer has access to the report data, with the identity of the reporting person or the person affected by the report being disclosed to him/her only in accordance with the provisions of Art. 7 Whistleblower Protection Act (HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetzes, HSchG), or not at all. He/she is authorised at his/her discretion to grant access to further persons as far as necessary for processing a report.

The purpose of data processing is to comply with our obligations under Whistleblower Protection Act (HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetzes, HSchG). This law also forms the legal basis for the processing of report data.

The report data is stored for five years from the last processing (= statutory retention period according to Whistleblower Protection Act [HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetzes, HSchG]), and beyond that only if the report data is needed for a court or administrative procedure. In that case, the report data will be stored until the final conclusion of these proceedings.

Protocol data, which is data about processing operations carried out, is stored for three years beyond the statutory retention period for report data.


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